Six years of the Tavor Leadership Academy | מכינת תבור

To mark the completion of six years of the Tavor Leadership Academy, we would like to give back to those who enable us to realize our dream by sharing the success of our programs alumni. We have selected a few anecdotes from interviews with six outstanding graduates of Tavor.

Awarded 2016 Outstanding Military Intelligence Leader– Unit 8200 –Captain Shir Shamir

Shir Shamir, aged 24 and raised in the Golan heights, is an alumna of our first graduating class.

What is the most significant thing that you took from the Mechina?

The Mechina preparatory year was very significant for me. Being a part of the first year of the program, there was a strong sense of pioneering. Building something from scratch is a hugely powerful experience. I think the most significant thing I took from Tavor was the conviction to fight for what I believe to be important, and not to give up, despite the difficulties.

How did the Mechina prepare you to take your place in the army?

The Mechina was a very demanding framework. I served at the head of the student recruiting committee, a position holding a lot of responsibility. The Mechina taught me to cope with a heavy work load, an intensive schedule, and strict deadlines. The programs requirements faced me with challenges. Over the course of the program, I acquired work skills, practice and an approach that helped me greatly during my military service. Furthermore, my experience at Tavor involved social interactions that demanded a lot of patience and effort, a high level of interpersonal skills and work with challenging populations: all of this served me very well when I held a command position in the IDF.

What personal goals have you acquired since participating in the program?

During the Mechina year, I gained a heightened sense of commitment and drive for social action for our country, and a deepened understanding of the importance of Zionism today. To this day, I get up every morning as an IDF commander, motivated by Zionism and a tremendous sense of duty for the security of our country.

What are your plans for the coming years?

I am continuing my career path in the army. I will be taking a break in 2017 to join a service program (studies within the army framework) and will continue to pursue my career path in the Intelligence Corps.

Awarded Exemplary Student of Piloting Course – Combat Navigator – OferSimcha –

Ofer, aged 22, is an alum of Tavor’s2rd graduating class. He lives in Jerusalem, and is currently employed as a fighter aircraft navigator in the Israeli Air Force.

What is the most significant thing that you took from the Mechina?

A hard work ethic.

How did the Mechina prepare you for your current endeavors?

Right from the start of the program, I got used to high standards and was taught skills which I still use today, such as project planning and investigation. This helped me land on my feet when I drafted into the army. Even now, I try to attend Mechina conferences and events and feel involved. I am motivated by a mixture of Zionism, a sense of duty, and a broad world view. Since completing the Mechina, I tend to be more critical in my scrutiny of media publications.

What is your dream?

Two things: To start a family and to be good at what I do.

Noy Dagan - Student in the International Government Program at the IDC, Herzliya

I graduated from the 1st year of the MechinaProgram, I am 24, and living in Herzliya. I completed my army service as a navy simulator instructor, was a counselor for the 4th cycle of the Tavor Program, and am now studying government at the IDC International Program.

What is the most significant thing that you took from the Mechina?

The “Reason”: On the simplest level, loving the people and the State of Israel.

How did the Mechina prepare you for the life you are leading now?

The Mechina experience is with me at every step and in every choice I make in my life. That “Reason” enriched me with a collective viewpoint, a sense of belonging which is a significant axis in my life. Without the Mechina, I would probably have remained trapped under layers of ego. That “Reason” generates in me a strongly pulsating sense of mission that directs my every step, ridding me of cynicism, pressing me towards excellence, and making an impact.

What is your dream?

To be a diplomat in Israeli Government service, and to raise a healthy and happy family :)

EliyaGutman– Commander at the ChavatHashomer Base – Awarded Outstanding Training Soldier

EliyaGutman, aged 22, graduated from the 3rd cycle of the Mechina Program. She lives in GivatYeshayahu, and is a squad commander at the ChavatHashomer base.

What is the most significant thing that you took from the Mechina?

A will to learn and to be involved in what is happening around me; a sense of responsibility inspired by friendship and group life, as well as by social action and caring about what is going on in the Upper Nazareth community.

How did the Mechina prepare you to take your place in the army?

Largely thanks to my encounter with the youth of NazarathIllit at the Mechina, I chose the track I am on today, working with marginal youth for whom this is a last chance. The feeling of the importance of taking action that I felt during the Mechina program remains with me all the time.

What is your dream?

o work with disadvantaged youth, to try to spread good and to enjoy what I’m doing.

YoavKimchi - Deputy Squad Commander in the Nahal Brigade

YoavKimchi, is an alum of the 2nd graduating class. He is 23 years old and lives in Tsur Hadassah. Yoav is Deputy Commander of the Nahal Brigade Training Unit.

What is the most significant thing that you took from the Mechina?

The ability and courage to ask questions.

How did the Mechina prepare you to take your place in the army?

It encouraged me to attach significance to all my actions. It is important for me to understand ‘The Reason Why’ I do what I do. This drive was less strong in me before I attended the Mechina. I find this drive motivates my actions just as much in small, routine, everyday normalcies of life as it does in major life events.

What is your dream?

To start a family and settle the Land of Israel.

Oren Partovi - Squad Commander in the Egoz Unit

My name is Oren Partovi, I’m a graduate of the 3rd year of the TavorMechina Program, 22 years old and living in Mevasseret Zion. I am a squad commander in the Egoz Unit.

What is the most significant thing that you took from the Mechina?

Mostly, it left me with a “thirst”. I left with the feeling that the power to change is in my hands. It’s my job to get things rolling; my thirst is a thirst for change and for making an impact.

How did the Mechina prepare you to take your place in the army?

It awakened curiosity in me, a desire to know and to investigate - these traits prompted by the Mechina are still prevalent in my life today. Army routine can be wearing; I am trying to add greater depth to my routine and more significance and meaning to my instruction. When I’m out on hard training days, I put in a lot of effort, but I believe the sky is the limit and the Israeli way is the right path.

What is your dream?

To do what makes me feel good, and to get up every morning with a smile.