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Olim La Tavor

Alongside the pre-army preparation program, Mechinat Tavor operates the Olim La Tavor program – a one-month pre-army course for IDF volunteers from abroad, after which they enlist in the IDF.

Initiated by the Tavor pre-military academy (Mechina) in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Olim La Tavor program has so far trained four cohorts of teenagers from abroad, who are currently serving as lone soldiers in the IDF. This designated and special program offers an intense pre-military experience, and includes comprehensive fitness and navigation training, traveling the country, studying the Israeli heritage as well as theoretical content, such as Zionist identity, military and defense, the Middle East, meeting with key individuals in Israeli society, etc. The program aims to give the foreign volunteers a basic toolkit for significant military service in combat units, along with a strong sense of belonging to the people and the land of Israel.

The Olim La Tavor program has been adopted by the Ministry of Defense and is now beginning to expand to other preparatory programs all over the country. We at Tavor operate under the motto that those who come here are our brothers and sisters, we do not take the volunteering of these young people for granted, as they come from abroad, taking a pause in their comfortable lives to come to contribute to this country. We hope that those who choose to come here will ultimately decide to remain in Israel and build their life and future in this country.

Only recently, four of the program’s graduates completed their training with honors at the Michve Alon military base, and another graduate of the program completed the training program of the Shayetet, the Israeli Navy special forces unit. Mechinat Tavor continues to remain in contact with its graduates during their military service and to our delight, ten graduates of the August 2014 of Olim La Tavor class, who completed the program right after Operation Protective Edge, chose to continue to live in the city of Nazareth during their military service, in apartments rented for them by the Machina, and to continue to be a part of the activities of the Mechina in the city.

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