Social Involvement | מכינת תבור

Social Involvement - Vision and Goals

One of the foundations of the social activism at the Mechina is the concept that communal involvement and contribution are an integral part of the identity of true leadership, and its contribution to the Mechina members is valued equally as the enjoyment of the participants in the various projects. These are the four cornerstones of social activism at Machinat Tavor:
  • Developing leadership skills

    At Tavor, we consider volunteering to be a significant aspect of becoming a leader, both in terms of values, through a close encounter with the reality of life in Israel, as well as skills: guiding, leadership and management.

  • professionalism

    The social activism is overseen by professionals, including a full-time social worker in charge of the volunteer aspects, guiding the staff as well as the participants. Activities are carried out in full cooperation with welfare personnel and other professionals.

  • Partnerships

    The Mechina’s aim is to create as many partnerships with external parties as possible, in order to get them involved for the benefit of the children of Nazareth-Illit; for example: Creambo Wings, A youth movement for children with special needs in cooperation with the JNF scouts.

  • Strengthening the local leadership

    The Mechina strives to expand and maximize the influence of the local leadership. This is reflected in the extensive involvement of the city’s young people, volunteering in various social projects as well as the leadership cultivation project, in which trainees of all projects at the Mechina can enjoy special leadership training courses.


Social Involvement - Youth leadership and preparation for the IDF

  • “Barak” - Project for High School Seniors

    “Barak” - Project for High School Seniors

     this project is intended for a limited number of high school seniors who have made an outstanding contribution to the city. The purpose of this group is to establish a communal project that includes all phases of project planning and execution – identifying the needs of the city, project design, construction, marketing and realization. The project includes working closely with hard-working, visionary high school seniors and to guide, lead, and counsel them.

  • The “Eitan” Project for Juniors

    The “Eitan” Project for Juniors

    The Mechina’s youth movement, founded 5 years ago, was named after the commander of the paratroop commando unit, Major Eitan Belachssan, killed in Lebanon during Operation Tzimzum Tvach (Reducing Range) in 1999. The movement operates in the spirit of the Mechina and instills in its participants the heritage values of Zionism, love of the land, social engagement and more. This project’s activities include the recruitment of the students, building the group, planning qualitative group meetings, instilling knowledge, trips, planning special days and more.

    The rationale underlying this project is that the city’s youth currently has few opportunities to further their development. This project places the empowerment of the local youth is in the hands of outstanding young people, who need a suitable framework for operation.

  • The JNF Scouting Club

    The JNF Scouting Club

    The scouting club is a youth movement that teaches the love of humankind, nature and land. The Mechina works in conjunction the JNF scouting club, in terms of the educational process, with the aim of developing independence, initiative, leadership, responsibility, friendship, and involvement. The activities and the direct contact to nature are key elements in the educational process, and are designated for the process individual goes through as well as the group's. The activities target group are students of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade, and includes: The group gathering, and engaging in various activities, such as getting familiar with the Land of Israel, navigations, survival, scouting, living outdoors, as well as hiking tours which are considered to be the peak of the activity.

  • “Acharai” (Follow me!)

    “Acharai” (Follow me!)

    “Acharai” (Follow me!) is a social educational organization that develops young leadership, serves as a platform for teenagers to be socially engaged, creates a sense of success and capability as well as encourages them to strive for a meaningful military service followed by a meaningful citizenship in Israeli society. Most of all this program strengthens personal confidence.  The members of the Mechina are leading a group called “Aharai Lezahal” (Follow me to the IDF!) for juniors and seniors of Nazareth high schools. "Aharai Lezahal" consists of combat fitness training, battle and combat heritage, navigation, communal volunteering and more.

Social Involvement - Promoting at-risk youth

  • At-risk girls club - 7th to 12th grade

    At-risk girls club - 7th to 12th grade

    The club is accompanied by a social worker, including treatment monitoring in order to protect and support those girls. Two female trainees of the Mechina are with the club on a regular basis. Their function is to create a relationship with the girls, play with them, constitute as a listening ear and a role model, as well as providing enjoyable and moral content to support and empower them.

  • “Mechubarim” (Connected)

    “Mechubarim” (Connected)

    A social project supported by the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption overseen by the Welfare Department of the Ministry of Education for at-risk youth. The project began its work in cooperation with the Mechina during the fourth cohort. The project addresses the leisure time of the teenagers, through the operation of social groups, activities, trips and fun days, alongside experiential workshops led by professionals (such as in juggling, D.J-ing, dog training, and more). The project members are the trainees of the Mechina, and their aim is to create a close-knit group of young men, engaged in a variety of sport activities, self-defense, military prep-courses and more.

  • Elite Cruiser - Bike Patrol

    Elite Cruiser - Bike Patrol

    She established the Preparatory cruiser with Upper Nazareth municipality to strengthen the confidence of city residents. Patrol operates during the week at night and operated by members of the Preparatory and youth projects and strong lightning.

Social Involvement - Moral, social and academic excellence

  • Ma'aleh project

    Ma'aleh project

    Ma'aleh is an educational assistance project. Members of the Preparatory Learning Center established established collaboration with Gordon centers, and operates in two locations in the school Golan and respect. The Center also offers help with homework and enrichment experiential learning.

Writing about Tavor

Mechinat Tavor started its operation in the city of Nazareth Illit in the academic year of 2011-12. Serving as Head of Education in Nazareth Illit, my first encounter with the Mechina was with the amazing staff. Amichai, Ofir and Tal, who are simply an amazing trio of high-quality individuals, incredibly dedicated and anyone would want to be like them. Usually, young people take a few months to realize what they want to do, and their actual contribution to society comes only towards the middle of their service year. Mechinat Tavor has taken on a number of programs in Nazareth Illit, and did it quickly and effectively, preforming at the highest level of execution and implementation. There is no doubt, that from its first year Machinat Tavor is a central player in the arena of non-formal education in Nazareth Illit. I wish the staff and the graduates of Tavor many more years of successful activities, there are many leadership academies, but none of them is like Tavor !!! With great appreciation, Dani Gildin
Head of Education in Nazareth Illit, Dani Gildin

I first heard about Tavor when Mor and Stav came to recruit members for the new branch of “Knafaim Shel Krembo” (Krembo’s wings) in Nazareth Illit. The branch was opened and led by members of Tavor, and they are responsible for the incredible state it is in today (completely independent). In addition, they have been talking for years about Nazareth Illit not having a cinema, but nobody really did anything about it… Then these incredible people from Mechinat Tavor came and initiated amazing film nights in the city, and perhaps next year they will finally discuss the opening of a real cinema in the city. On a personal note, I would like to thank the Mechina for giving me the desire to do a year of community service. I have been thinking much about it, and when I saw what the Mechina is doing for the city, it strengthened my desire to volunteer and make a difference in people’s lives. I hope the next enrolees coming next year to the Mechina will be as charming as you are!

Vexi Sabaijev, a mentor at “Creambo Wings”

Mechinat Tavor is a group of amazing people, they gave their best for us to succeed, they believed in us, and motivated us to aim as high as we can. It was important for them to introduce us to other sides in society and various values; we had some pretty awesome activities that defined us as a group. In addition Mechinat Tavor invested considerable efforts in promoting the city, for example, they established the “Kolnoar” (Youth Cinema) operated by boys and girls from around the city.

Shelly Lifshitz, 15, soon to be a sophomore, member of the Mila project