The Tavor Leadership Academy (Mechina) | מכינת תבור

A word from the head of the preparatory

Dear Candidate,

“The base width determines the height of the peak,” said Yitzhak Sadeh, the founder of the Palmach, and in this case he summed up the essence of the preparatory. It’s easy for us to want to run forward, but where? In the twelve years behind you in school and in high school you did not choose to be in the army and do not choose to serve. This year, the pre-army preparatory year, you have the ability to choose – to take the reins of your life with your hands, to stop for a moment and decide, before the gallop, where you want to go, and no less important how?

  • What kind of values will accompany you anytime, anywhere?
  • What will be the circle of friends that will accompany you in your life?
  • Who will be the characters and the masterpieces that guide you?
  • What will you compromise on and what will you fight for?

Three values lead us in the Tavor preparatory course:

Amichai Shikly, head of the Tavor preparatory program

What is Required from Tavor Students

Founded in 2010, the Machina operates based on the perception that a small group of outstanding young men and women that share a sense of purpose and motivation has the power to do things that exceed the imagination, both in terms of society as well as in terms of Nazareth Illit, the Mechina’s hometown. That is why the preparatory program spares no effort in identifying and screening candidates for the Mechina in the belief that it is the quality of people in the group that will determine the quality of the activities in the city and the span of its impact in the future – i.e. the integration of the graduates through the ranks of commanders and officers in the core of the IDF, and subsequently, their impact on the centers of influence and decision-making in the State of Israel. During the ten months of the preparatory program’s activities, the trainees are expected to meet very high personal and group standards, and demonstrate a high level of personal norms in terms of values, with an emphasis on comradeship, maturity, initiative and self-discipline. The ability to function under pressure: The preparatory program works under a very tight schedule, commencing with physical training in the early morning hours, through varied learning activities, social activism and much more until late in the evening. Responsibility and thoroughness: The trainees are assigned arduous tasks, particularly in the area of social activism. The Tavor trainee’s responsibility is to lead other teenagers and children in a variety of activities, including in the field without the senior staff; they are required to work with at-risk youth and be full partners in managing the daily life of the preparatory program and to promote it, in various aspects, in small teams selected at the beginning of the academic year, run independently by the trainees. Energy and motivation: We consider a high level of energy to be a foundation for leadership and seek individuals who view obstacles as an opportunity, people who are not easily discouraged. Tavor trainees are individuals able to promote significant social initiatives in cities such as Nazareth Illit, and who are candidates to become excellent future commanders and leaders. We, at Tavor, challenge and hone the leadership abilities of each trainee at the Mechina, and create a cohesive and supportive group that will become a major link in a long successful chain consisting of Tavor graduates. If you meet the above criteria, we would be happy to see you among the Mechina candidates.

We at Tavor challenge and sharpen the leadership abilities of each one of our enrollees at the Mechina, during which a cohesive and supportive group is formed that will become an addiction link in the long, successful chain consisting of the Tavor graduates.

If you meet the criteria above, we will be glad to see you among the candidates of the Mechina.

A Day at Tavor

The Mechina’s Staff

  • Amichai Chikli

    Amichai Chikli

    CEO and head of the Tavor Leadership academy (Mechina): Amichai Chikli, 34, married to Hadas, father of Jonathan and Noga, lives in Kibbutz Hanaton. After nine years of military service, at the end of which he served as a company commander of the Egoz Special Forces Unit, Amichai decided to turn to education and established the Tavor Pre-Military Academy. Amichai has an MA in diplomacy and security studies from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Haifa, with honors. In his army reserve service, Amichai serves as a company commander in one of the IDF’s elite units, with the rank of major. Leeba film: Forming Identity – Amichai Chikli

  • Amit Deri

    Amit Deri

    Director of the Tavor Pre-Military Academy (Mechina): Amit Dari, 31, married to Danielle and father of Uriah, lives in Poriya. After nine years of service in the IDF, at the end of which he served as a company commander in the Infantry Commanders Academy, Amit currently serves in the reserves as a company commander in the Judea Brigade. Amit has a BA with honors in political science from the University of Haifa and is currently a student of civil engineering at the Technion.

  • Amir Lis

    Amir Lis

    Graduates Coordinator: Amir Liss, 23, lives in Pardessia and is a graduate of Tavor’s second cohort. During his high school years at the Dror Educational Campus, he served as chairperson of Padessia’s youth council and as a guide in the Scouts Movement, for which he was given a special commendation as the outstanding scout for the central district by the Ministry of Education. During his military service, he served as a medic in the Medical Corps, and at the same time, as a volunteer at the youth center of Kfar Hess.

  • Carmel Kahn

    Carmel Kahn

    Social Involvement Coordinator: Carmel Kahn, 26, is married to Itay, lives in Mitzpe Netofa and has a BA in social work from Bar-Ilan University. During her national service, Carmel worked with at-risk youth and served as a youth coordinator in the municipal youth department of Kiryat Motzkin. As part of her practical training, Carmel set up a “Wandering Café” that creates encounters between youth and marginalized populations (people living in hostels, old-age homes, etc.), and over the years she also volunteered in a number of NGOs, including Simcha La-Yeled (Joy for a Child), as well as in the Shachen Tov (Good Neighbor) benevolent association.

  • Emanuel Schnittke

    Emanuel Schnittke

    guide. He Kibbutz Kfar Etzion and graduate in the preparatory Tavor. While a student in high school played Emmanuel variety of roles in teaching for the camp, "Ilan" children with special needs held annually grouping, and after high school he joined the Preparatory Tavor and was among the founders and leading project "solid" about building a sense of identity values and encouraging social engagement among youth leads Nazareth. Emanuel served as a warrior elite paratrooper unit and attended, among others, the operation "mass return" to locate the abducted boys deer, Naphtali and age-up and the fighting in Gaza during Operation "a rock".

  • Noa Porat

    Noa Porat

    An instructor. 22 Mazkeret Batya, is a graduate of the pre-military Upper Galilee village president. She served Noa headquarters of the first phase of a pilot course for flight school ("mcin"). During the service, accompanied by members step transaction, as well as the construction schedule to the soldiers, and took part in programs involving basic training, focusing on educational content and rich.

Permanent lecturers

  • Shlomo Peled

    Shlomo Peled

    An organizational psychologist, a field psychologist in the Paratroopers Brigade, Training Base 1 and Sayeret Matkal.   Deputy commander of a special unit in Military Intelligence and transferred to the Prime Minister's Office for 25 years of management, including three terms abroad. At the end of this life chapter, he is an organizational consultant in leading organizations in the public sector and the Ethiopian community. - Founder of 2 Stratapim, married with four children

  • Yishai Spivak

    Yishai Spivak

    I studied in the second grade of the Upper Galilee preparatory course at Kibbutz Maayan Baruch and over the years I studied for a bachelor's degree in education and a master's degree in literature and philosophy. Currently, he is presenting an interdisciplinary dissertation focusing on Rabbi Kook's philosophy.

    Lives in Givat Shmuel and has four lovely children.

  • Kobi Dana

    Kobi Dana

    Born in 1985. Educator and history teacher. BA in History of the Middle East, MA in Education and Teaching from the University of Haifa.

    A research assistant and a professor of Jewish philosophy at Tel Aviv University, writes his dissertation on AD Gordon.

    Moderator of the Beit Midrash for Zionism at the northern branch of the Begin Heritage Center, and the Education and Content Coordinator of the "Seventy-Face to Zionism" Association.

  • Jonathan Toker

    Jonathan Toker

    Resident of Jerusalem.
    He holds a BA in Hebrew Literature, Yiddish and Folklore from the Hebrew University. Group facilitator and lecturer in the education system and security forces on issues of Israeli society. Graduated from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel. Served as a combat soldier in the Moran unit and as an officer in the Education Corps and as a company commander in Training Base 1. Major in Reserves.

  • Yinon Tegner

    Yinon Tegner

    Yinon loves people. And books. And funny videos on youtube. And Netta.
    After ten years as a lecturer and consultant in international companies in the field of interpersonal communication as a way to change perceptions (Perception Architecture), Yinon decided to establish Project 21, which aims to teach young adults in Israel how to influence their society and community and their self-fulfillment in the most positive and effective manner.

    He has a BA in Law and Government from Tel Aviv University. He is a lecturer at the Interdisciplinary Center and Ben-Gurion University. He is the CEO of Perception.

  • Yiftach Shilduvi

    Yiftach Shilduvi

    He holds a BA in Humanities from the Hebrew University, a teaching certificate from the Kerem Institute in Jerusalem, and a Zippori program for training group facilitators. He has extensive and varied experience in guiding groups in various frameworks and populations - among others, at the "Travel Institute", which deals with informal Jewish education for Israelis and Diaspora Jews, at the Einav Association, with guidance and guidance for girls at risk. Of unemployed people from different populations to integrate and develop careers in the work world.
     He has been working at Beit Morasha for the past five years as a facilitator of workshops for soldiers and commanders on identity issues, values ​​in combat, values ​​in teamwork and leadership development.

  • Yehuda Wegman

    Yehuda Wegman

    Born and raised in Kibbutz Sdot Yam. He lives in Or Akiva. He joined the IDF in 1965 and was appointed to the IDF in 1965. He was trained as a fighter and a tank commanders course, completed an officer's course and served as commander of a tank division, fought in the Six Day War and during the War of Attrition. [2]. In the course of the war he was appointed commander of a regiment in the brigade and served as a brigade commander in the reserves, and in 1990 he returned to the career army as commander of the Armored Corps and commander of the battalion commanders and battalion commanders. Researcher of the Yom Kippur War and publishes research and opinion articles in periodicals. He teaches at the "Tavor" preparatory course in Nazareth Illit since its establishment in 2010


  • Saar Almakias

    Saar Almakias

    Main Instructor and Founder of "Saar Almakayas" Combat Fitness, a framework that trains and accompanies youth for significant recruitment.

    He holds a BA in Informal Education and Land Studies at Oranim College.

    Certified fitness instructor from Wingate College.

    During his military service he fought in the Shayetet.

    Over 12 years of training youth in preparation for recruitment.

    Instructor of field and field studies in schools and departments.

  • Moshe Kaits

    Moshe Kaits

    One of the first and foremost teachers of the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Israel and one of the MMA pioneers.

    He heads the Gracie Humieta Jiu-Jitsu Israel and represents the system in Israel.

    Provides training in Israel and abroad for all types of populations.

    Training for security and security bodies.

    Who is the coordinator of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu method at Wingate College in the past.

    A professional MMA competitor from 2002-2010 with international achievements.

  • Meir Abo

    Meir Abo

    33, an MBA student at Ruppin Academic Center.

    He holds a BA in the history of the Middle East and African studies.

    An entrepreneur in the field of education and maritime fitness among youth before enlisting in the IDF.

    Owner of NAVYFIT CENTER. Graduate of the Navy


Basic courses at Tavor - Core studies

  • Zionism


    Security and defense history of the State of Israel, Zionism's documents, Zionism and leadership.

  • Judaism


    Basic concepts, leadership in the Bible, Judaism, current events, and more.

  • General Studies

    General Studies

    Political science, Communications, Middle East studies, general philosophy and psychology. Mapping of sectors and controversies in Israeli society.

  • Field trips and seminars (examples)

    Field trips and seminars (examples)

    Commanders seminar- consists of meeting with military commanders and various lectures on leadership. Decision making seminar, rhetoric seminar, field trip to the North along the Lebanese border, field trip to Gaza Envelope region, field trip to the Orthodox Quarter of Bnei Brak and various other regions in the country, meeting with different components of the Israeli society.

Programs and themed weeks at the Mechina

  • Israeli Arab Society week

    Israeli Arab Society week

    an introductory week for country’s largest minority populations: Muslims, Christians, Bedouins, and Druze. This week includes tours in relevant towns and villages, touring the Arab quarters of Nazareth, meetings and discussions with public figures, parliament members and key figures coming from these sectors.

  • De-legitimization and Diplomacy week

    De-legitimization and Diplomacy week

    Exposure to the growing efforts of the de-legitimizion of Israel around the world, meeting with Dr. Yoaz Hendel, who served as head of public relations at the Prime Minister’s Office, as well as with Foreign Ministry’s content experts, media professionals and voluntary organizations.

  • Education and Society Week

    Education and Society Week

    designed for discussing issues of education, educational initiatives, and social entrepreneurship. This week includes meetings with heads of charity and social organizations, prominent educators and more.

  • Defense and Foreign Affairs week

    Defense and Foreign Affairs week

    during which our students discuss major issues of Israel’s foreign relations as well as geopolitical processes, such as: The Iranian threat, the Arab Spring, Israel-Turkey relations, Israel-US relations, the battle against terrorism, export of military technologies etc. Meetings are held with senior “Mossad” and “Shin Bet” agents, a field trip to military industries, meeting the former Israeli consul in the US Mr. Yoram Ettinger and more. The purpose of this week to provide the trainees with basic ideas in each of the core issues described above, so that they can better understand the political and security situation in which Israel operates.

  • Jerusalem Program

    Jerusalem Program

    a series beginning with a hike starting at Latroun and going up to Mount Herzl, following the footsteps of the Independence War of 1948. The program consists of a week of tours in the City of Jerusalem, including a variety of city tours, experiencing archaeological excavations, and meeting with prominent figures of the city.


  • Annual Activity Plan

  • Schedule for the Israeli Democracy week

  • Schedule for the Foreign Affairs and Defense week

  • Schedule for the Arab Society in Israel week