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The “Keshet” program -
identity and mission for outstanding teenagers

We at Tavor believe that it takes a multi-year program to create a valuable generation of leaders with a cohesive and well-formed identity. As a result, we established a comprehensive set of seminars that include educational and personal processes. This program provides the participants in the Keshet program with an ideological and educational infrastructure, as well as the toolkit they need to serve as a basis for their preparatory and community service year, eventually leading to significant and high-quality service in the IDF as well as meaningful citizenship in the future.

The Keshet Program is geared at a group of outstanding young people, boys and girls, selected by means of a thorough and rigorous screening process. The participants in the program attend a series of monthly seminars and meetings, held mainly on weekends and school holidays, from the beginning of their junior year until the end of their senior year, at which point the Keshet graduates can continue on to the Tavor pre-military academy (Mechina).

The main objectives of the program are:

  • To foster a Jewish-Zionist awareness and identity: To learn about events marking the history of Israel, in ancient times and in the present, and gain familiarity with Jewish texts, philosophers as well as Jewish and Zionist philosophy.
  • To strengthen ties to the Land of Israel by walking the land, and to help the participants prepare mentally and morally for meaningful service in the IDF: The program teaches love of the land by hiking, navigating and exploring its paths and landscapes, to help them become familiar not only with the paths themselves, but also with those who walked them before. It develops a broad knowledge base, mental fortitude and outdoor skills through challenging activities and meetings with military personnel, leading pathfinders and studying military history.
  • To develop social awareness and leadership skills to become meaningful citizens in Israeli society: The program fosters the development of personal qualities such as modesty, responsibility, joy and striving for excellence, and helps the participants acquire social awareness through volunteer activities and encounters with varied communities and populations. 
  • Learning the Israeli society and the Land of Israel
  • Developing leadership Skills
  • Strengening Jewish and Zionist identity
  • Studying our past so that we can be commited to our future
  • The privilege of being part of a group of outstanding people

The Activities

תכנית “קשת” פועלת לצד ובמקביל למכינה הקדם צבאית תבור, בסדרה של 6-7 מפגשים שנתיים, לכל אחת מהקבוצות (י’ – י”ב), הכוללים:

  • Seminars

    Long weekend seminars (Thursday to Saturday)
  • Mid sessions

    Brief intermediate meetings
  • Seminars

    A joint hike, during the Passover holidays
The “Keshet” program is led by Itay Freid, 31. Itay served nine years as a combat fighter in the demolition and engineering unit of the Golani Brigade, the Shaldag Unit (an elite Israeli Air Force commando unit) and the Israeli Security Forces, as commander and officer. Was involved in setting up the leadership program at the “Ha Shomer Ha Chadash” (the new Watchman), and in the establishment of the Leadership Academy (Mechina) named “Echad Mi Shelanu” (One of us). The instructors of the “Keshet” program are members of the Tavor Leadership Academy (Mechina), chosen to lead the “Keshet” program as part of their social involvement during the Mechina. Part of the guides are graduates of the “Keshet” program themselves. * Enrolment to the program is depended on successful results of the screening process.

Keshet Staff

  • Itay Freid

    Itay Freid

    Director of the Keshet program:
    Itay Fried, 31, married to Tal and father of Eitan and Ofri, was born and raised in Neveh-Daniel and currently lives in Avnat. Itay served for nine years in the Golani Brigade’s Palhan combat engineering and demolitions unit, in Shaldag, an elite Israeli Air Force commando unit, and in Israel’s security forces as a commander and officer. He was involved in setting up the leadership program of the Ha-Shomer Ha-Chadash organization and served as an instructor during the first two years of its establishment. Co-founder of the pre-military academy Echad Mi Shelanu (One of Us), he currently serves as a member of its executive committee. Itay is currently studying towards his BA in political science and international relations

  • Maayan Lux

    Maayan Lux

    Coordinator of the 12th grade and recruitment program in the Keshet program, aged 30. She grew up in Hod Hasharon.

    She served as a non-commissioned officer and as an education officer in IDF information units and serves in the reserves as a population officer in the Home Front Command.

    She has training in the area of guided tours and guided groups in the Israeli tour, tourists, groups and families. She served for four years as the national director of the Community Theater project, which brings together students with senior citizens throughout the country.

    Worked in recent years as a business development manager in an organizational consulting firm for leading companies in the market.

    She holds a BA in Education and Theater and an MA in Organizational Consulting.

  • Yael Ankor

    Yael Ankor

    Coordinator of the 11th grade in the Keshet program, aged 25, grew up in Zur Yigal and lives in Kibbutz Hahotrim.

    She is a certified tour guide and a graduate of the Nitzana year of service.

    Training in the pre-military preparatory course Ein Prat, JNF patrol groups, and tour guides in various companies.
    A student of Land of Israel studies and a third year tour guide.

    She served as a non-commissioned officer in the Paratroopers Battalion 101, and afterwards as a commander in the ITC courses.

Example Seminars

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    Keshet Judean Desert Seminar

  • #02

    Keshet seniors Ultra-Orthodox