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The purpose of the Tavor Social Leadership Academy, in operation since 2010, is to foster a cadre of young leaders in Israel, driven by a sense of mission and a deep connection to the heritage of the Land of Israel, the State of Israel and its people. Located in the city of Nazareth Illit, the academy seeks to actively impact the city the Galille and help close social and educational gaps.

Tavor runs three core programs:

Executive Committee

  • Lior Peleg

    Lior Peleg

    Board member for the last 4 years, recently appointed CEO of Upper Nazareth municipality, while in this position Executive Committee membership has began.

  • Moshe Taubin

    Moshe Taubin

    63-year-old from Kfar Adumim, a construction engineer. Was among the founders of the pusher Tavor and Tavor served as the chairman of the years 2011-2013.

  • Shlomi Bolkovstein

    Shlomi Bolkovstein

    34-year-old married father of Moore and Noam Allon, the rank of Major after 11 years of service in the Air Force. Medical intern after graduating from medical school at Ben Gurion University.

  • Meni Friedman

    Meni Friedman

    56-year-old father of 3. BA in law from the Hebrew University. MA in History at Tel Aviv University. Previously owned law firm in Tel Aviv, CEO Hod Hasharon Municipality and currently director of companies. Military Service armor battalion commander (Lt. Col. Ret.)

  • Shlomo Peled

    Shlomo Peled

    Married with four children. Organizational psychologist, psychologist served in the Paratroopers Brigade Field Forces General Staff Reconnaissance 1 '' to. Deputy commander of a special unit of the Military Intelligence and beyond to the Ministry of the Prime Minister for 25 years of management includes three terms abroad. At the end of this period of life, Exit citizenship, works as an organizational consultant leading organizations, the public sector and the third (the Ethiopian community). Partner - founder of two start-ups.

  • Erez Eshel

    Erez Eshel

    Married with six children, lives in Kfar Adumim, one of the founders pre Israeli army general, Ein Prat College founder and first director, was among the founders of the pusher Tavor, the new guard organization, organization of one heart and a host of other social organizations. Among other things served as a director and head of youth ministry and reserve duty lieutenant colonel in the reserves at the headquarters of the 162nd Division.

  • Hezi Sirolnik

    Hezi Sirolnik

    34 years old, married and the father vine spring. Lives in Netanya. BA in Middle East History from the University of Haifa and military studies taught at the college. Born in Argentina and raised in Kibbutz Megiddo. Graduate of the young guard's service. Served in the Nahal brigade. The rank of captain after serving as company commander and brigade operations officer.

Association’s Staff

  • Amichai Chikli

    Amichai Chikli

    CEO and head of the Tavor Leadership academy (Mechina): Amichai Chikli, 34, married to Hadas, father of Jonathan and Noga, lives in Kibbutz Hanaton. After nine years of military service, at the end of which he served as a company commander of the Egoz Special Forces Unit, Amichai decided to turn to education and established the Tavor Pre-Military Academy. Amichai has an MA in diplomacy and security studies from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Middle Eastern studies from the University of Haifa, with honors. In his army reserve service, Amichai serves as a company commander in one of the IDF’s elite units, with the rank of major. Leeba film: Forming Identity – Amichai Chikli

  • Amit Deri

    Amit Deri

    Director of the Tavor Pre-Military Academy (Mechina): Amit Dari, 31, married to Danielle and father of Uriah, lives in Poriya. After nine years of service in the IDF, at the end of which he served as a company commander in the Infantry Commanders Academy, Amit currently serves in the reserves as a company commander in the Judea Brigade. Amit has a BA with honors in political science from the University of Haifa and is currently a student of civil engineering at the Technion.

  • Itay Freid

    Itay Freid

    Director of the Keshet program:
    Itay Fried, 31, married to Tal and father of Eitan and Ofri, was born and raised in Neveh-Daniel and currently lives in Avnat. Itay served for nine years in the Golani Brigade’s Palhan combat engineering and demolitions unit, in Shaldag, an elite Israeli Air Force commando unit, and in Israel’s security forces as a commander and officer. He was involved in setting up the leadership program of the Ha-Shomer Ha-Chadash organization and served as an instructor during the first two years of its establishment. Co-founder of the pre-military academy Echad Mi Shelanu (One of Us), he currently serves as a member of its executive committee. Itay is currently studying towards his BA in political science and international relations

  • Amir Lis

    Amir Lis

    Graduates Coordinator: Amir Liss, 23, lives in Pardessia and is a graduate of Tavor’s second cohort. During his high school years at the Dror Educational Campus, he served as chairperson of Padessia’s youth council and as a guide in the Scouts Movement, for which he was given a special commendation as the outstanding scout for the central district by the Ministry of Education. During his military service, he served as a medic in the Medical Corps, and at the same time, as a volunteer at the youth center of Kfar Hess.

  • Carmel Kahn

    Carmel Kahn

    Social Involvement Coordinator: Carmel Kahn, 26, is married to Itay, lives in Mitzpe Netofa and has a BA in social work from Bar-Ilan University. During her national service, Carmel worked with at-risk youth and served as a youth coordinator in the municipal youth department of Kiryat Motzkin. As part of her practical training, Carmel set up a “Wandering Café” that creates encounters between youth and marginalized populations (people living in hostels, old-age homes, etc.), and over the years she also volunteered in a number of NGOs, including Simcha La-Yeled (Joy for a Child), as well as in the Shachen Tov (Good Neighbor) benevolent association.

  • Sagit Murad

    Sagit Murad

    Office Manager. 44 years old, married and mother Yoav volunteer, poetry and oak. Lives in Beit She'arim. Graduate of Industrial Engineering and Management at Shenkar College.

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