Our story

The Tavor Academy for Social Leadership has been operating since 2010, with a purpose of fostering a reserve of young Zionist leaders,driven by a sense of mission and commitment to the Zionist idea, the success of the Israeli democracy and to making Israel the spiritual and cultural center of the Jewish people

The Mechina ( gap year) – Tavor is one of the most prominent pre-military programs among the 40 registered programs in the country, targeting outstanding youth who have recently graduated high school. The students learn Jewish and Zionist intellectual heritage, a comprehensive view of Israeli society and classical education in the humanities. the students are physically and mentally preparing themselves for a meaningful military service in the IDF through weeklong trips hiking and navigating, routine physical training and krav maga. Concurrently, each week students run various social activities in Nazareth Illit and Afula, encompassing 500 children and youth.Thus far, the Mechina has seen 300 alumni; most of them still incorporated in military service in high grade positions in combat, intelligence and education units. In fact, 68% of our graduates serve as commanders, and 40% as officers.

Keshet program

“Keshet” program – This program, similar to the ‘Mechina’ in educational content and vision, is designed for a young audience of outstanding secular 10th+12th graders. The program includes weekend seminars and single day enrichment activities engaging participants in field trips and a rich curriculum comprising topics corresponding to Jewish studies, Zionism, Israeli Society and State. Keshet targets a group of 150 participants in each cycle, who explore Israel’s history and landscapes, the program develops youth’s Jewish-Zionist consciousness and identity, builds leadership qualities and motivation for social commitment and good citizenship, with an emphasis on joining pre-millitay programs and conducting meaningful service in the IDF.

הרשמה מהירה